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Much ado about superfoods

Posted on March 21, 2017

Some days, it seems like everywhere you turn, someone’s talking about superfoods. But what’s the real story? Are these foods worth the hype? “Superfoods” earned their name because they contain high doses of things that are good for you, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. So, the quick answer is: Yes, they’re worth the hype. Incorporating … »

colorectal cancer

6 important things to know about colorectal cancer

Posted on March 18, 2017

This year, more than 3,000 new cases of colorectal cancer will be diagnosed in the state of Tennessee, according to the American Cancer Society. Are you in the know about the disease? While colorectal cancer is among the most common types of cancer, it is also among the most preventable. Here are six other things … »

exercise regimen

Finding the right balance of physical activity

Posted on March 15, 2017

You know you’re supposed to exercise regularly. But did you know that just logging minutes on the treadmill won’t do it? You need a combination of exercises to be at your best. The U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (DPHP) recommends that American adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise or … »

home sick

When to keep your child home sick

Posted on March 14, 2017

It may be one of the hardest decisions parents make: When should you keep your kids home from school? How sick is sick enough? If you face these questions a few times a year, you aren’t alone. In fact, a poll from the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital found that most parents aren’t … »

family meal blog

The importance of family meal time

Posted on March 10, 2017

At the end of a long day, sitting down for a family meal might be the last thing on your mind. But doing so benefits your family in a variety of ways. In the past, families spent lots of time together. Did you ever read Little House on the Prairie or watch The Waltons? If … »

back pain

When your back pain lingers…

Posted on March 6, 2017

Oh, my aching back! We’ve all been there — when it hurts to stand up after a long day at work. What can you do to reduce the ache? Most of the time, you can take basic steps to eliminate or reduce back pain. But occasionally, the pain may not go away, and the underlying … »


Beneficial bacteria: Prebiotics & probiotics

Posted on February 25, 2017

When you think of bacteria, you probably think of the bad kind — those pesky germs that bring illness. But not all bacteria are bad. In fact, your gut is filled with what we’ll call “good” bacteria. This type of bacteria helps protect your body against harmful, illness-causing bacteria, and helps the digestive system run … »


Is flexitarianism the next big thing?

Posted on February 15, 2017

OK, so you’re asking yourself, “What the heck is flexitarianism in the first place?” Well, it’s a way of eating that’s making waves in the United States. So, what does it entail? It’s pretty simple, actually. A person who’s a flexitarian eats a mainly vegetarian diet but still occasionally eats meat or fish. Many people … »

erlanger heart and lung institute

America’s Next Great Heart Hospital is Here

Posted on February 14, 2017

As Southeast Tennessee’s only academic heart center, The Erlanger Heart and Lung Institute is known throughout the region for providing the latest cardiac care advancements. Last year, Erlanger Health Systems decided to build on the heart center’s success to help it compete on a national scale. With its recent $10 million investment, the new Heart … »

child medicine

The right way to give your child medicine

Posted on February 11, 2017

You’d prefer your little ones never get sick, so you’d never have to give them medication. But sickness and medications are a reality of parenting. How can you make sure you’re giving them medication the safest way possible? When your kids are sick, you logically want to get them the medication they need quickly to … »

heart disease aging

Stop heart disease as you age

Posted on February 8, 2017

Did you know heart disease is the leading cause of death for people in Tennessee? According to the American Heart Association, 1 out of 4 deaths is attributed to heart disease in our state. We all know good habits, like regular exercise and a low-fat diet, can make a big difference to our heart health … »

valve replacement Dr. Wiisanen

An exciting new alternative to valve replacement surgery

Posted on February 1, 2017

The Erlanger Heart and Lung Institute has made it its mission to bring new medical breakthroughs to our community and the medical community as a whole. As a part of its ongoing investment in the latest technologies, the Institute now offers Mitra Clip — a groundbreaking alternative to mitral valve replacement surgery. Why it’s important … »

independence in kids

No helicoptering: Instilling independence in kids

Posted on January 30, 2017

When it comes to raising kids, it can be difficult to strike a balance between being involved in their lives and overly involved. But it’s an important balance to strike when it comes to inspiring independence. “Helicopter parenting” is a phrase that emerged in the 1960s to describe parents that hover over their children like … »

bronchiolitis 101

Bronchiolitis 101

Posted on January 26, 2017

Bronchiolitis is a common respiratory infection affecting infants and young children, but many parents have never heard of it Here’s what you should know. Bronchiolitis is an infection in the small airways of the lungs, called bronchioles. It is caused by a viral infection and occurs most often in children younger than age 2. It’s … »

what's the point of a pap smear? cervical cancer awareness

What’s the point of a Pap smear?

Posted on January 25, 2017

The Pap smear. You’ve been getting them done for years, but find yourself wondering whether they’re really necessary. The short answer: For most women, yes. Cervical cancer is largely preventable — and Pap smears are a big reason why. To understand the importance of regular Pap smears, you first need to understand cervical cancer. Cervical … »

thyroid conditions

Could it be my thyroid?

Posted on January 19, 2017

Most people never think about their thyroid. But when it goes haywire, it can affect nearly every part of your body. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland found just below your Adam’s apple at the base of your neck. The gland secretes the thyroid hormone, which travels throughout the body in the blood system. The … »

Children's Hospital at Erlanger 2016

Erlanger Health System’s Top 16 in 2016

Posted on January 16, 2017

1. Believe Campaign for new Children’s Hospital at Erlanger launched – The Believe Campaign, the largest philanthropic initiative in Erlanger Health System’s history, was launched in January 2016 to help build a new Children’s Hospital in Chattanooga. 2. 18 new beds in Women’s Services at Erlanger East Hospital – New and beautifully decorated postpartum beds with room … »

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