• Closing the gap: Understanding heart disease & minorities
    July 29, 2020
    Cardiology, Heart Health, High Blood Pressure, Men's Health, Stay Well, Women's Health
    You probably know that heart disease is the top cause of death among American men and women. But did you know that it’s more deadly and common among certain groups? It’s true. While heart disease affects many Americans of both genders, there’s a gap. What do we mean by gap? Well, it’s...
  • The self-care guide for kids & teens
    July 22, 2020
    Child & Family Health, Stay Well
    When it comes to kids and teens, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their mental health should not be overlooked. Decreased social interaction with their peers and extended family, disruption in school or summer routine, and frustration over changes to future plans – these could all be contributing...
  • minority health blog
    Get the facts on minority health
    July 22, 2020
    Men's Health, Stay Well, Women's Health
    The Annual Minority Health Fair is designed to provide an opportunity to learn more about issues that might relate to your health — or the health of those around you! Read on to learn more about the unique health challenges minorities face. Our race and ethnicity play a role...
  • What to know about uterine fibroids
    July 15, 2020
    Gynecological Health, Regain Health, Women's Health
    Leiomyomas, more commonly called uterine fibroids, are the most common non-cancerous (benign) tumors in women. Between 60% and 80% of women will develop uterine fibroids before menopause. Uterine fibroids aren’t associated with an increased risk of uterine cancer and almost never develop into cancer. What are uterine fibroids? Fibroids occur when...
  • How much do you know about epilepsy?
    July 9, 2020
    Brain Health & Stroke, Regain Health
    More Americans today have epilepsy than ever before, with about 3.4 million people in the United States managing the condition.  While the condition is common, those who are not affected may have limited exposure to information regarding epilepsy. Since epilepsy causes seizures that may impact a person at any time...
  • Safely celebrating during COVID-19
    July 2, 2020
    Child & Family Health, Stay Well
    Each year, as the Fourth of July approaches, we remind our community to celebrate safely because fireworks injuries, boating accidents, and severe sunburns are common around this favorite summer holiday. But this year, there’s an additional concern: COVID-19. As some cities plan to host large public fireworks displays and gatherings,...
  • Women and Stroke—A Different Disease
    June 19, 2020
    Brain Health & Stroke, Men's Health, Stay Well, Women's Health
    If you’re a woman, have you ever felt dizzy without reason or experienced sudden weakness? While these conditions may seem common, they could also be possible signs of a stroke. Learn about the unique symptoms of stroke in women and how you can help lower your risk. Did you know...
  • prostate-cancer-blog
    5 facts to know about prostate cancer
    June 19, 2020
    Men's Health, Prostate Cancer, Stay Well
    The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 191,930 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in 2020. Why not take some time during Men's Health Week to get the facts about the condition? Prostate cancer is the second most common form of cancer among American men, behind...
  • heart disease
    A man’s guide to a healthy heart
    June 17, 2020
    Men's Cardiology, Men's Health, Stay Well
    The statistics are staggering. Heart disease is the leading cause of death among American men, causing nearly one in four deaths. Healthier lifestyle habits can help you avoid becoming part of that number. Let’s take a deeper dive into the numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: In...
  • gardening together
    Family Health Challenge: Gardening together
    June 15, 2020
    Child & Family Health, Stay Well
    We share family health challenges you can take on with your entire family. Each challenge is a way to boost your health and strengthen your family. This time, we’re offering up a suggestion you may never have thought of as a family activity. But it’s a good one! We challenge you...
  • Making sense of fibromyalgia
    June 4, 2020
    Back, Bone & Joint Health, Regain Health
    You may have heard the term, “fibromyalgia,” but do you really have any idea what it is? Let’s take a dive into the medical condition and what it entails. For many medical conditions, there’s a ton of information out there, and the conditions are usually talked about at least occasionally...
  • What to do if you think your child is stuttering
    June 4, 2020
    Child & Family Health, Stay Well
    Your son seems to be tripping over his words and having a difficult time getting some sounds out. How can you know whether he’s stuttering — and what to do if he is? Stuttering is a common issue, affecting more than 70 million people around the world, including more than...