Time for a checkup: Revisiting this year’s health resolutions

It happens year after year. We have the best of intentions to eat better, exercise more, stop smoking or practice other healthy habits. But our health resolutions often fall flat.

That doesn’t have to be the case though! You can still find success with this year’s health goals.

Let’s start today.

The year is a little more than halfway over, so what better time to check in with our 2018 goals and see where we can go from here?

If you’re right on target with your goals, then congrats! But if you haven’t met them or have fallen off the wagon, it’s not too late to get back on.

We have a few suggestions to help you do just that.

Health resolutions, take 2: Reset

No matter what’s happened so far this year, it’s far from over. There’s still plenty of opportunity to refocus by making small and impactful changes.






But don’t quit!

Think through your health resolutions for the year. Are they still your goals? Or could they use some adjustments?

You may want to tweak your goals to make them more specific and targeted — and thus, easier to achieve. So, instead of aiming to run a race sometime in 2018, choose a specific event, register for it, and then get started training!

Health resolutions, take 2: Plan

There’s a good saying that fits here, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” So, are you wishing for better health, or striving for it?

Let’s say your goal is to exercise regularly. But if you just have the goal in mind without putting a plan into action, you’re unlikely to find success.

Life is busy. That’s a reality. In order to make something a habit and stick with it, you’ll have to schedule it in.

So if one of your health resolutions was to exercise more often, then create a workout regimen with workouts several days of the week. Then go even further — you’re less likely to skip a workout if you schedule it as an appointment like every other item on your calendar.

Better yet even? Schedule those workouts with a trainer or a training partner. You may be willing to cancel on yourself, but you’ll be less likely to cancel on others.

This same strategy can work for all health resolutions. Take your goal and break it down into small, actionable tasks. Then get to work!

Health resolutions, take 2: Celebrate

This one’s a big one. You don’t have to wait until you achieve your entire goal before you can celebrate your success!

In fact, you shouldn’t. Research has shown that cheering yourself on for small achievements can help you stay motivated and ultimately reach your big-picture goal.

The key here is to celebrate in a way that doesn’t push you backward from your goal. Obviously, if your health goal was to stop smoking, you wouldn’t celebrate a month without smoking a cigarette by having a cigarette.

But that same logic is true for any habits you’re trying to break or create. Reward yourself with things that will encourage you to continue achieving.

So, if you hit your water intake goal for two weeks in a row, treat yourself to a new and fantastic water bottle. If you exercise for three days each week for an entire month, purchase that great workout top or leggings you’ve had your eye on!

Health resolutions, take 2: Begin

Wait — shouldn’t this item come at the beginning? Nope.

Sometimes you can be stuck at the beginning and uncertain how to take the first step. But just as often, you can get stuck in the middle.

You’ll be exercising regularly for a while and then all of a sudden miss a workout, which then becomes two. Now you’re off your routine. And it can be so hard to get back on.

The best thing to do? Muster up all your mojo and just do it! Once you take the first step, you’re already in action and the rest will come easily.

We have another item to add to your health resolutions! Get your annual checkup. If you haven’t had one yet this year, schedule yours today. Find a doctor here.