eye health

What the eyes reveal about your health

Posted on October 22, 2016

It’s often said that the eyes are the window to the soul. It turns out, they’re also a window to your health. Many diseases that affect the body show up first in the eyes. In fact, certain diseases are often first detected during an eye exam. A study conducted by a vision care company in … »

blood pressure

Under pressure

Posted on June 18, 2016

You’ve had your blood pressure (BP) checked at your annual checkup. You may even check your BP occasionally using the machine at the drugstore. But do you know what the numbers actually mean? First, let’s define blood pressure. The term refers to how forcefully your blood pushes against the sides of the blood vessels. Without … »

Screening tests for men: what you need and when

Posted on September 1, 2015

Screening tests can find diseases earlier — when they are easier to treat. It’s well known that doctors recommend that men be aware of any changes on or to their bodies from moles to lumps to dry skin. Changes in appearance or texture can often be a symptom of an underlying condition. It is also … »

High blood pressure? Cut salt from your diet

Posted on June 18, 2015

Salt is essential to our body’s fluids. On the other hand, anyone who’s gotten a mouth full of seawater knows that too much salt tastes terrible. Maybe your body’s trying to tell you something. It turns out that too much salt can lead to a host of health problems. The chemical name for dietary salt, … »

Heart study at Erlanger holds PROMISE

Posted on May 14, 2015

A groundbreaking clinical trial conducted at Erlanger Health System, and other sites across the nation, confirms what cardiologists and radiologists have long suspected: coronary computed tomographic angiography (coronary CTA, also known as cardiac CT) is extraordinarily effective in accurately diagnosing patients with low to moderate chest pain.

6 Ways to Avoid Hypertension and Heart Disease: A Minority Health Month Alert

Posted on April 28, 2015

Hypertension (high blood pressure) and heart disease continue to be more problematic, and more deadly, in our minority communities. As April’s Minority Health Month draws to a close, the nation is reminded that, although great strides have been made to heal the health disparities among minority groups, there is still much work to do. Work … »