Back to school after the holidays

We know: It seems like the holiday break just began. But soon enough, it’ll be time for your little ones to head back to school.

Just like your kids need time to get ready when school starts in the fall, they’ll need some time to get back into the flow after the holiday break. Here’s how to get them started on the right foot.

1. Readjust their sleep routine. It’s a good idea to have kids wake up and go to sleep at around the same time all the time. But how realistic is that?

It’s likely your little ones have been up late and slept in at least a few times since school let out. But now’s the time to work them back into their usual school routine.

If your kids have deviated from their normal school bedtime, have them go to bed a little earlier each night until they’re going to sleep at their typical bedtime. Same goes for their wakeup time.

2. Get reorganized. Did the kids come home for the holiday break with a backpack filled with who knows what? Now’s the time to clean that bag out!

Go through the backpack and determine what items need to go back to school, what needs to be kept at home and what needs to be tossed. Have the folders in the bag seen better days? Now is also a good time to reassess your child’s school supply needs.

Some items may need to be replaced, and some items may be needed for the new semester. It also can be fun for kids to get a small new item or two that’ll help motivate them for going back to school.

3. Get ready for Day 1. Do your kids like to put together their back-to-school outfit days in advance back in August? That can be even more fun if they got new clothes for Christmas!

A couple days before school starts back, have your child put together his or her outfit, making sure that everything that’s needed is clean and ready to go. This will help minimize the risk of meltdowns on the morning before school.

4. Return to a healthier diet. Kids who eat a healthy diet have enhanced mental capacity and better behavior, making them more effective learners.

Have your eating habits slipped during the holidays? That’s easy to do. Start sitting down for family dinners again a week or so before school begins. Choose well-balanced, healthy meals that include lean protein, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy.

Pay particular attention to breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast will help everyone begin their day on the right foot — and make you less likely to overeat or choose unhealthy foods later in the day.

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