10 Ways to stay safe during severe weather

As much as meteorologists and forecasters try to prepare us for inclement weather, sometimes we need to be prepared beforehand to give ourselves the best chance at being safe during severe weather. Severe weather can strike at any time, so it is important to be prepared.

Here are 10 key points to keep in mind as you prepare for severe weather:

  • Stay informed
    • Keep up to date on the latest weather forecasts and warnings and sign up for emergency alerts in your area.
  • Have a plan
    • Discuss with your family what to do during severe weather, including how to evacuate and where to go if necessary.
  • Gather supplies
  • Protect your property
    • Secure outdoor items that could become projectiles during high winds, and make sure your home is properly secured.
  • Prepare for power outages
    • Keep flashlights and backup batteries on hand and consider purchasing a generator for extended outages.
  • Know your evacuation route
    • Plan an evacuation route and make sure everyone in your family knows it.
  • Stay safe during a storm
    • Find a safe location in your home, such as a basement or interior room without windows, and stay away from windows and doors.
  • Drive safely
    • If you must drive during severe weather, slow down and be mindful of other drivers. Avoid flooded roads, and never drive through standing water.
  • Be mindful of after-storm dangers
    • Be cautious of fallen power lines, flooded roads, and damaged structures after a storm.
  • Keep in touch
    • Make sure to check in with friends and family after a storm and let them know you are safe.

By being prepared and taking the necessary precautions, you can increase your safety during severe weather. Weather comes in all shapes and sizes.

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Seth Gentry FP-C, NRP, EMT-T Emergency Management & Special Operations Manager/ Flight Paramedic LIFE FORCE Air Medical Erlanger Health System