Safely celebrating during COVID-19

Each year, as the Fourth of July approaches, we remind our community to celebrate safely because fireworks injuries, boating accidents, and severe sunburns are common around this favorite summer holiday. But this year, there’s an additional concern: COVID-19.

As some cities plan to host large public fireworks displays and gatherings, it may seem like it is okay to go back to the way things were pre-pandemic. But the truth is that COVID-19 is not over. In fact, it is still affecting people of all ages in our communities.

There is still a risk of transmission in gatherings of any size – even those that take place outside. Here are a few tips to to help keep you and your family safe while having fun this weekend:

  • Stay home if possible. Take this opportunity for some family time. Grill a favorite summer meal or play water games. If you plan to use fireworks at home, though, remember to practice firework safety.
  • Take it outside. If you host family or friends, hold the gathering outdoors to allow more room to spread out. Take it a step further by setting up a hygiene station with hand sanitizer and extra masks.
  • Practice social distancing. Whether you are at a large public event or a smaller gathering at home, keep your distance from others. Six feet of social distance is highly recommended – even outdoors.
  • Be kind. Aside from wanting to minimize the potential for asymptomatic transmission, the idea of contracting the virus might be extra scary for some people. Those who have or care for people with immunocompromised immune systems, those who interact with the elderly every day, or people whose family depends on their ability to work and bring home an income might prefer to take extra precautions. Foster a judgment-free environment where everyone feels welcome to take preventative measures including wearing a mask outdoors.

These simple acts can help minimize the spread of COVID-19 this holiday weekend. It can be inconvenient to continue to follow these changes in public, but it’s not difficult. Please do your part to protect the health of your family and your community!

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