Vasectomy — A Permanent, Safe, and Effective Birth-Control Solution

Vasectomy is one of the safest and most effective forms of birth control available, proving successful in more than 99 percent of men who undergo the procedure.

“By stopping sperms’ ability to leave the body, vasectomies effectively eliminate the possibility of causing pregnancy during intercourse,” says Anand Shridharani, M.D., fellowship-trained urologist, reproductive and sexual health specialist, and Assistant Professor of Urology with UT Erlanger Urology. “For men and their partners who are ready for a relatively permanent solution, vasectomy is a very attractive option for birth control.”

Fast and comfortable

Prior to having a vasectomy, UT Erlanger Urology patients receive one-on-one counseling with a urologist to determine whether or not the procedure meets their health care goals.

“Many men worry that the procedure will be painful or long, but that’s not the case,” Dr. Shridharani says. “We are extremely conscious of men’s comfort during surgery. Most patients read, listen to music, or watch videos during the procedure. If they are anxious, we offer medication to make them more comfortable.”

Before performing a vasectomy, the Erlanger urologist prepares the area over the vas deferens — the tubes that carry sperm away from the testicles — for surgery. Using a no-needle technique, a localized numbing agent is administered.

Patients feel a brief, slight pressure against their skin, followed by numbness in the area until the agent wears off postoperatively.

Once the area is ready, the surgeon makes tiny openings — so small they require no stitching or stapling — and uses minuscule instruments to remove a portion of each of the vas deferens. Electric current is used to seal the tubes’ ends to prevent them from reattaching, and a clip is placed between them.

“Any one of these steps helps secure good outcomes for patients who want permanent birth control,” Dr. Shridharani says. “By doing all three, we create an extremely high likelihood of success.”

The entire procedure takes between eight and 10 minutes. No anesthesia is required, and patients leave the clinic shortly after surgery.

Recovery is quick, requiring restrictions on heavy lifting and abstinence from intercourse for about a week. Those who do experience pain can manage it at home with over-the-counter, non-aspirin medications such as ibuprofen.

A setting for success

The providers with UT Erlanger Urology understand men’s unique medical needs and have a wealth of specialized experience in men’s reproductive health.

Each year, Dr. Shridharani performs approximately 100 vasectomies. His specialized training in male reproductive health helps create an informed, supportive environment where men feel comfortable making decisions about their well-being. Dr. Shridharani also specializes in microsurgical vasectomy reversal, creating a full-service hub for men who have questions on the topics of vasectomy and reproductive health.

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