4 Erlanger patients share their stories of cancer survival

Cancer treatments and technology have come a long way in recent years. Today, millions of people — more than 14 million in the U.S. alone — are surviving this once shattering diagnosis. That’s something to celebrate!

Since 1987, the first Sunday of June has been celebrated as National Cancer Survivors Day (NCSD). It’s a time of revelry, inspiration, and support for survivors, the newly diagnosed, and family and friends of those battling cancer. It also raises awareness that survival is possible through early detection and treatment.

On the forefront of cancer research, Erlanger Health System has been an accredited Academic Comprehensive Cancer Program since 1981.1 More than 30 years of the latest and most comprehensive treatment options have developed a trusted center for world-class care. With the implementation of the Cyberknife — the world’s only robotic radiation system — as well as a newly updated Children’s Oncology center, and a multitude of radiation options, Erlanger offers top-tier treatments to help both adults and children fight cancer.

At Erlanger, we’re happy to celebrate not only our regional cancer survivors but those worldwide. Know that you’re not alone in your fight for survival.

Linda Hood

Linda chose Erlanger Health System for treatment after she was diagnosed with breast cancer; her treatment was a success!

Carol Schoner

Carol’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and received successful treatment. That’s why four years later, Carol chose Erlanger Health System to treat her own breast cancer.

Tamika & Darrell Benning

In 2008, Tamika was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Soon after, her husband Darrell was diagnosed with the same disease. Erlanger Health System didn’t only provide successful treatment for this couple, they also helped to ease their children’s concerns.

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