Basic first aid for outdoor activities

Whether you’re going for a short hike with your kids or a full weekend of backpacking with friends, an injury is probably the last thing on your mind.

But in the unfortunate event that something does happen, you want to be prepared. One of the best ways to be prepared is to carry a small first aid kit.

Dr. John “Jad” Dorizas, MD, specialist in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine at UT Erlanger Orthopaedics, advises people to always carry a first aid kit for those “just in case” moments. A small lightweight waterproof bag with a couple of essentials is a great place to start. Beyond the basic first aid items such as Band-Aids, alcohol wipes, and Benadryl, Dr. Dorizas suggests a few extra ingredients specifically for outdoor activities.

What should a good outdoor first aid kit include?

  • An EpiPen – You never know when you’ll get stung or bit or have some other anaphylactic problem. This is an essential tool, especially if you’ll be with kids outdoors.
  • Tourniquet – If there is any kind of major injury, a tourniquet can help stop blood flow while you seek emergency attention.
  • Compressive bandages – These can be wrapped around a wound and pulled tight to maximize pressure to the site of an injury.

Dr. Jad Dorizas MD is board-certified orthopaedic surgeon at UT Erlanger Orthopaedics who treats active patients and athletes, as well as other patients who have sports medicine conditions or painful shoulders or knees. If you’ve sustained a sports related injury, talk to your doctor or book an appointment with Dr. Dorizas.