The EROC Era

After 8 months of construction, our region has officially entered the “EROC Era.” EROC (Erlanger Regional Operations Center) is a new, high-tech control center that will greatly improve patient care, particularly in the emergency response and pre-hospital care sectors.

The EROC center is full of “pods” that are equipped with multiple screens and state-of-the-art technology that shows important information like videos of air ambulances or the availability of patient resources.

In one pod, Puckett EMS will dispatch ambulances. In the next one, operators will be ready to work in the event of a disaster. Another pod will control patient care within the hospital (for example, when someone’s room is cleaned, when they’re moved, when their blood is tested, etc). Having all these advanced tools in one place will make all the difference.

EROC will be the nucleus for pre-hospital experiences across the region. It will coordinate communication throughout 13 counties, including 10 in Southeast Tennessee and 3 in Georgia. Center workers will have access to simpler coordination with other regional communication centers.

As the most advanced communication center in the country, EROC will serve as a model to pre-hospital and emergency response centers across the nation.

In the words of Tennessee Congressman Chuck Fleischmann, “This is another great Erlanger moment.”