January’s Miracle Kids – Rachel Price

Rachel Price, 17, daughter of Shannon and Dana Price from Sale Creek, is our January Miracle Kid. Rachel was rarely sick, but in August of 2011 she knew things weren’t right.

Rachel had persistent symptoms of super dry skin andĀ hairĀ loss and really didn’t feel like her self. A knot was then found under her arm and she was first given stronger antibiotics. But there was still no improvement to her condition. A biopsy and pathology report revealed she had anaplastic large cell lymphoma. But even with the news, Rachel refused to slow down. Through weekly chemotherapy treatments, Rachel remains playing basketball. She has even played with a feeding tube in place. Rachel is also playing volleyball and is a cheerleader. She is already thinking about her college options and is interested in becoming a CRNA and going on medical mission trips.

Rachel is just one of our Miracle Kids that we will feature throughout the year. These brave kids and their families serve as ambassadors for the healing mission of Children’s Hospital at Erlanger.