Costco customers and employees donate over $26,000 to Children’s Hospital

Chattanooga, Tenn. – In one month, the Ringgold, Ga. Costco raised more than $26,000 for Children’s Hospital at Erlanger by hosting several fundraising events for their customers and employees.  This outstanding accomplishment is a 113.85% increase over last year’s donation and makes the store Costco’s third Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals market for total percentage increase, just behind Santa Barbara, Ca. and Phoenix, Az. markets.

For almost 25 years, Costco’s participation in CMN Hospitals has expanded along with the growth of the company, raising money for affiliated children’s hospitals in every community where Costco warehouses are located.

“Costco has been a great addition to our community, and we are most grateful for their partnership,” said Rebecca Brinkley, Children’s Miracle Network Coordinator for Children’s Hospital.  “The Costco contribution will go towards the continuing transformation of the inpatient experience for sick and injured children who are treated at Children’s Hospital.”

Approximately 3,000 children will require overnight stay at Children’s Hospital this year.  These children require specialized care and are monitored 24/7 until they are well enough to return home.

It is important for the young patients to receive medical care in a kid-friendly facility during their stay.  One of Erlanger Health System Foundations’ goals is to raise funds to renovate 60 patient rooms.  The new rooms will include bright colors, fun lighting fixtures, fantasy artwork, and advanced technology to not only provide a family-friendly atmosphere but to also conveniently and effectively care for patients.  Some of items include:

  • Floors dotted with colorful shapes.
  • Whimsical wall murals.
  • Color-splashed curtains with geometric patterns-appropriate for all ages.
  • Light fixtures with glass and filled with bubbles of color.
  • “Smart Beds” for older patients that include electronic controls to adjust the bed, lights and television.  These special beds also feature built-in scales, so fragile patients will no longer have to be moved to check their weight.
  • New cribs.
  • Comfortable chairs that pull out into sleepers will make it easier for moms and dads to stay by a child’s side to provide comfort and companionship.
  • Special wall modular behind the bed to hide clinical supplies like gloves and bins for used needles, so rooms will feel more like bedrooms and less like clinical spaces.

The renovation does not stop with just the patient rooms.  The colors, furniture, fixtures, artwork and technology will also extend into common areas such as the hallways, kitchens, playroom and resource room.  These areas will include:

  • New built-in cabinets and bookshelves.
  • Soft play spaces.
  • Flat screen televisions.
  • New floors, paint, lighting, artwork and wall murals.
  • New kitchens will provide a place to store food, to heat a meal or to get a drink that is just steps away from a child’s bedside, reducing the anxiety of being away from a young child or missing a doctor on rounds.

For more information on the renovation, please visit or contact or (423) 778-6600.