Revolutionizing Pediatric Care: Kennedy Outpatient Center Unveils New Dedicated MRI Suite for Children’s Hospital at Erlanger

Children’s Hospital at Erlanger is proud to announce the opening of the Outpatient MRI Suite at the Kennedy Outpatient Center, offering families the only dedicated pediatric MRI in the region. The new center is part of the original vision for the Kennedy Outpatient Center, designed to be the national standard for pediatric outpatient care.

The new Children’s MRI and Outpatient Procedure Center includes a dedicated pediatric MRI suite as well as 3 Outpatient Procedure rooms and a 14-bed Pre-Op and PACU, opened on September 29, 2023, completing the new MRI and Outpatient Procedure Center.

The Kennedy Outpatient Center opened in 2019 with state-of-the-art imaging suites, cardio testing capabilities, pediatric specialty offices, and the region’s only accredited Sleep Lab. The Outpatient Center is equipped to handle the vast majority of the specialized needs of our patients. It has been designed to reduce anxiety and fear by engaging children in opportunities to discover and learn.

The dedicated pediatric MRI suite is fully supported by leading-edge pediatric anesthesia services for sedation and recovery in a family-friendly environment. The new MRI technology will add to Children’s Hospital at Erlanger’s complement of imaging services specifically designed for children within the Kennedy Outpatient Center.

Additional services include the EOS imaging system, which provides remarkable detail and can provide 3D images of the spine, enabling physicians to provide a more accurate diagnosis and plan a practical course of treatment. Low Dose Multi-Slice CT, utilizing AsiR Dose Reduction, Low Dose Digital Radiography, Low Dose Pulsed Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound, Elastography, and Nuclear Medicine, including PET/CT, are also available.

Offering the most state-of-the-art outpatient imaging technology in the region, Children’s Hospital at Erlanger also provides a dedicated pediatric imaging team. This team also comprises board-certified, pediatric-trained anesthesia support and board-certified pediatric radiologists through our partnership with Tennessee Interventional and Imaging Associates (TIIA).

Children’s Hospital at Erlanger is committed to providing the best possible care for our patients and their families and is excited to open the new Outpatient MRI Suite at the Kennedy Outpatient Center and to offer the region’s only dedicated pediatric MRI.