Nursing Research Going the Extra Mile

Each year in October, the Tennessee Hospital Association (THA) holds its annual meeting in the greater Nashville area. A portion of the meeting is devoted to a “Leadership Summit” which includes both oral and poster presentations of best practices as well as quality initiatives across the state. Beginning in 2014 and continuing each year, Erlanger associates (including nursing) have dominated the poster presentations. Each year since 2014, Erlanger has risen to the occasion with the most poster presentations on a consistent basis. One year, Erlanger was in second place for the most number of posters, and another year, Erlanger tied with another facility. Consistently, Erlanger associates showcase a large number of poster presentations each year. In 2014, Erlanger presented 13 posters and had two oral presentations at THA. In 2015, Erlanger sponsored seven poster presentations and two oral presentations. Fast forward to 2018, and Erlanger presented 22 posters at THA!  Next month, Erlanger associates will present 11 posters on a wide range of topics, including self-care, spiritual care, moral distress, hospital acquired infections, massive blood transfusions, quality, LEAN management, acuity-based staffing, and use of the EMR to collect data points. There are eight nurses from Erlanger who worked on this year’s poster presentations.

Erlanger is very proud of the associates who have completed projects and posters over the years. Quality improvement projects and research at Erlanger help to form best practice and improve processes. These contributions have not gone unnoticed. Each year following Leadership Summit, the Executive Team receives many positive comments from other institutions on the quality of the presentations from Erlanger associates.

For those who have yet to present a poster, the process is simpler than it sounds. Many posters have been inspired by work done with Erlanger’s LEAN team. These are typically quality improvement projects and often focus on eliminating inefficiencies and improving work flow. Once the project is rolling along, submitting an abstract of the project or research is the next step. Usually, very specific instructions are provided that govern the abstract’s format and content. The conference/symposia hosts provide the “Call for Proposals” which includes the abstract instructions. Once the abstract is accepted, then it’s time to lay out the poster and have it printed. The conference host will also provide specific instructions on the size and format of the poster. With sufficient notice, posters by Erlanger associates can often be printed in house at Erlanger.

If you have questions about starting a research or quality improvement project, submitting an abstract, or designing a poster, Dr. Crowe is eager to help. Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Crowe at

The below list contains the names of the posters and their investigators who will present at THA in October.

2019 THA Leadership Summit Poster Presentations – Erlanger

  • Jeremy Lambert, M. Div, M.A.C., BCC – “The MICU GO-Program: Implementing Chaplains onto Nursing Staff Team”
    • Co- Investigators:
      • Michelle Alvarez, Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Resident
      • Katherine Caldwell, CPE Resident
      • Tiffany Farr, RN, Clinical Service Leader MICU
      • Keith Munford, D.Min., BCC, LMFT, CPE Program Director
      • Douglas Murray, CPE Resident
      • Areasius Ngemera, CPE Resident
      • Nancy Osborne, M.Div., ACPE Certified Educator, Director of Spiritual Care and Chaplain Services
      • Jacob Stewart, CPE Resident
      • Stephanie Whitley-Ferguson, CPE Resident
  • Mukta Panda, MD, FACP – “The Art of Balance: Caring for the Physician and the Patient”
    • Co-Investigators:
      • Vanisha Patel, M-4
        University of Tennessee College of Medicine Memphis
      • Savannah Brackman, M-4
        University  of Tennessee College of Medicine Memphis
      • Unsa Shafi, M-4
        University  of Tennessee College of Medicine Memphis
      • Jeremy Lambert, M.Div, M.A.C., BCC
        Staff Chaplain & Clinical Educator, Erlanger Health System
  • Mukta Panda, MD, FACP – “Medical Oath-Taking: Meaningful Ritual or Empty Formality?”
    • Co-Investigators:
      • Rehan Qayyum, MD, MHS, FAHA
        Chair, Division of Hospital Medicine & Professor of Medicine for Department of Internal Medicine
        Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
      • Robert “Bobby” Goodrich, M-4
        University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga
      • Kamry Clark, M-4
        University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga
      • Jeremy Lambert, M.Div, M.A.C., BCC
        Staff Chaplain & Clinical Educator, Erlanger Health System
  • Ted Nelson, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CCRN – “An Integrative Review: Moral Distress in Critical Care Nursing”
  • Suzanne Hornsby, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, CCRN and Kristen Carroll, BSN, RN, CCRN – “Quality Rounding and the Incidence of Hospital Acquired Infections in the Medical ICU.”
  • Angela Basham-Saif, BSN, RN, TCRN – “Red Blood Cell Utilization: Using standard processes to reduce waste during a Massive Transfusion in Traumas”
  • Merrianne Kennedy, ARRT (R), MHA – “A Quality Check for Speech Recognition Reporting”
  • Karen Sarnosky, MSN, FNP-BC – “Pre-Surgery Pathway: Optimizing efficiencies in workflows to reduce cycle time for patients completing Bariatric Surgery”
  • Colby Napper, BSN, RN and Tiffany Farr, RN, CCRN, SCRN – “Using Lean Management methodology to decrease costs and improve nursing staff workflow”
  • Colby Napper, BSN, RN and Taylor Corsaro, BSN, RN, CCRN – “Developing and implementing acuity-based staffing for adult ICU’s at level one trauma center”
  • Ruchir Shah, MD – “Real time smart data collection and analysis using the EPIC EMR system at Erlanger Southeast Regional Stroke Center”