Orthopaedics: Offering hip arthroscopy

With any surgery, patients hope for a speedy recovery. And with arthroscopies, it’s possible.

Arthroscopic surgery, or arthroscopy, is a minimally invasive procedure in which small incisions are made so that a tiny surgical camera, or arthroscope, can be inserted to examine the joint. One or two additional small cuts can be made to allow for medical instruments to perform surgery inside the joint.

Compared to open surgery alternatives, an arthroscopy requires a reduced recovery time, allows a lower level of blood loss, and lessens scarring and the risk of complications. A patient can expect to be on crutches for a little while to allow ample healing. Athletes are happy to be able to repair, recover and get back into the game.

“It’s most important for me to safely get people back to doing what they love,” said Brandon Cincere, M.D., orthopaedic surgeon at Erlanger Health System.

Though increasingly popular, hip arthroscopies are not for everyone. According to Dr. Cincere, hip arthroscopies are best suited to non-arthritic, active individuals between the ages of 14 and 50, making this an optimal surgery for athletes. Arthroscopy is most commonly used to repair labral tears, remove loose/foreign bodies, biopsy the hip, and repair cartilage lesions and ligament injuries.

At a rate of more than 70 procedures per year, Dr. Cincere is currently the region’s leader and most experienced surgeon performing hip arthroscopies. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Cincere, call 423-778-4900.