Erlanger honors Sen. Bob Corker, Drs. Cofer and Brown at annual Dinner of Distinction

Approximately 325 attendees arrived at the Chattanoogan on February 27 to celebrate Erlanger’s Dinner of Distinction honorees, Drs. Hugh Brown and Joseph B. Cofer, and U.S. Senator Bob Corker.

The 2015 honorees were recognized for their enduring commitment to foster quality medical services to this community, as well as demonstrating unquestionable character and human compassion.

Dr. Hugh Brown, board certified orthopedic surgeon, taught future surgeons while serving as associate professor with the UT Department of Orthopedic Surgeons and was director of Pediatric Orthopedic Services from 1997 to 2008. For 28 years, Dr. Brown served as Director of the Scoliosis Clinic, and orthopedic consultant to the Walter Boehm Spina Bifida Clinic, in addition to running a private practice for 28 years. Dr. Brown’s influence will be felt within the walls of Erlanger for decades to come.


Board-certified general surgeon Dr. Joseph B. Cofer is a professor of surgery and serves as surgery residency program director for the Department of Surgery at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga. He has been recognized on numerous occasions as a champion for Project Access, a program based on donated services and medical care for those in need.

This year, the Distinguished Community Leadership Award was posthumously awarded to Gordon Street and henceforth known as the Gordon Street Distinguished Leadership Award. Senator Bob Corker is the first recipient of the Gordon Street Distinguished Leadership Award.

“Gordon Street was a devoted and longtime supporter of Erlanger, serving both as a member and chairman of the Erlanger Baroness Foundation,” said Erlanger Foundations President Julie Taylor. “Since his untimely death last March, Mr. Street left a void that will always be felt by the Erlanger family. We wanted to recognize his impact on Erlanger and his advocacy for improving health of our community,” she said. According to Ms. Taylor, it was the wish of the Erlanger Health System Foundations that Gordon Street’s legacy will continue to live through those recognized in his name.

Senator Bob Corker has been a long-time advocate for improving the health of our region. During his tenure as mayor of Chattanooga, Senator Corker supported numerous wellness initiatives within the city. He has also sponsored several bills to improve healthcare in our nation and help empower all Americans to have access to medical services.


U.S. Senator Bob Corker


Dr. Hugh Brown



Juanita Cofer, Dr. Joseph B. Cofer, Brad LaFoy and Dr. Marshall Jemison


Gloria Miller, Hugh Brown, and Dr. Hugh Brown