Eleven treated for weather-related injuries at Erlanger ER’s; Nine adults, two children seen before 9 a.m. Thursday

As of 9 a.m. Thursday, 11 area residents were treated for weather-related injuries at Erlanger Emergency Rooms. Eight adults were treated for a variety of injuries at Erlanger’s downtown ER, four from falls, two for injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents, one from sledding and one individual whose foot was treated for frost bite. 

Specific injuries included blunt abdominal trauma, a lumbar spine fracture, head laceration, dislocated shoulder, arm injury, wrist fracture and heart arrhythmia.  Two of those patients were admitted to the hospital.

Two children were treated at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, one who suffered a closed head injury in an ATV accident and another with a fall-related arm injury.  One child was admitted to the hospital.

Another adult was treated and released at the Erlanger North Hospital Emergency Room for an acute dislocated shoulder as the result of a fall.

A follow up report will be issued as the week continues.