County Commissioners Unanimously Approve Funding for Erlanger

Chattanooga, Tn – As we previously announced, the federal Public Hospital Supplemental Payment (PHSP) was approved last month by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  In order for Erlanger to receive these federal funds, several steps still need to be completed.  An important step in securing these funds occurred this morning.

The Hamilton County Commission unanimously approved the funding arrangement for Erlanger to draw down tens of millions of dollars from the federal funding pool for public hospitals.

Today’s action is an important step in securing a stronger financial foundation for Erlanger.  While work remains to be done in obtaining these funds, this unanimous vote by the County Commission, along with the work of the Tennessee Congressional delegation, places Erlanger in a stronger position to receive PHSP more quickly.

Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger and his staff have played a critical role in Erlanger being able to access these federal funds.

The Commission’s action today signals the community’s support for the work performed by Erlanger employees every day in providing critical health care to this region.  We are extremely pleased at the outcome of this important vote and should all be proud of this recognition by our county commissioners.