Erlanger’s legal counsel filed a response in Hamilton County Circuit Court this afternoon regarding the $25 million lawsuit against Erlanger by former CEO, Charlesetta Woodard-Thompson. 

Our attorneys have submitted motions, with supporting memorandums, to dismiss Ms. Woodard-Thompson’s invasion of privacy and conspiracy claims, as well as motions to strike her demands for punitive damages and a jury trial.

Because our response is a matter of public record, it is anticipated that local media will be reporting on details of Erlanger’s filing.

As we have stated publicly and internally, Erlanger feels strongly that the allegations in Ms. Woodard-Thompson’s lawsuit are unfounded and without merit.  Accepting her demands for $25 million would, in our opinion, be financially irresponsible from the perspective of both the Erlanger Health System and the citizens we serve.

While our policy is not to comment on pending litigation, we remain confident that our decision with respect to Ms. Woodard-Thompson’s employment – and Erlanger’s very generous severance package offer – were appropriate and justified under the law.