Family Statement Regarding Cave Rescue Patient

My husband, Dwight Kempf, is doing as well as can be expected for the injuries he received after his fall two days ago. He is in critical yet stable condition due to a skull fracture and broken femur.

My family appreciates everyone’s concern and all their well wishes during this critical time.

We are extremely grateful for all of the teams, from near and far, who assisted with his rescue. I especially want to thank the group of cavers who were with my husband taking care of him before medical personnel arrived. This is an experienced group of cavers who consider every possible safety measure and have emergency plans in place before they begin. Dwight’s slip was a fluke but also turned out to be an example of how everything works the way it’s supposed to. Without them and the rescue/medical teams, Dwight would not have made it out alive.

The staff at Erlanger has worked diligently to care for my husband and ensure he is comfortable. For now, we are waiting to see how he improves as he recovers from his injuries.

We ask that you continue to have positive thoughts for Dwight and to respect our privacy as we are devoting our attention to his care and recovery. We will notify Erlanger officials as soon as more information is available.

Jill Kempf