Erlanger’s ContinuCare offers home infusion services for patients

Chattanooga, Tenn. – ContinuCare, a subsidiary of Erlanger Health System, is proud to announce a new partnership with ContinuumRx to provide home infusion therapy services.  The new partnership will be known as Erlanger Home Infusion.

“ContinuCare provides home healthcare services such as nursing care, rehabilitation therapies and medical equipment in the comfort of the patient’s home,” said Donna Bourdon, President of ContinuCare. “We are pleased to add home infusion therapy to our broad range of services.”

Infusion therapy consists of medication administered to the patient intravenously (IV).  In the past, many patients would travel to a physician’s office or hospital to receive their medication after surgery or during an illness.  Through the assistance of ContinuumRx, patients now have the opportunity to work with a trained ContinuCare medical professional and receive medication in the privacy of their own home.

The Erlanger Home Infusion team of pharmacists, nurses and registered dietitians works closely with the patient’s physician to ensure the patient receives proper resources and medical care during his or her treatment.  The highly-specialized professionals help the patient and caregiver understand the therapeutic goals, coordinate the overall home healthcare plan, provide educational and emotional support, prepare and administer medication through advanced equipment, monitor the patient’s status and treatment progress and process claims to insurance companies and coverage providers.

Patients and physicians who are interested in learning more about home infusion therapy are encouraged to contact Erlanger Health System ContinuCare at 423-624-8281 or visit

About ContinuumRx

ContinuumRx is based in Birmingham, Alabama and develops joint ventures with market-leading health systems to seek to improve patient outcomes through better coordination in the hospital-to-home transition. Through its unique integrated model with health systems and their affiliated providers, ContinuumRx is creating a better model of care for patients with chronic and complex conditions. Its team of clinical experts and advanced fulfillment model provides hospitals with a seamless service offering that can reduce the patient’s length of stay, help avoid unnecessary readmissions, and allow payers to reduce overall healthcare costs. For more information, please visit