Half of UTCOMC’s new practicing physicians are treating Tennesseans

Chattanooga, Tenn. – Half of this year’s residency graduates from University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga (UTCOMC) who are entering practice are now treating patients in Tennessee.

The 2012 graduating class consisted of 51 physician residents in 12 different specialties.  Of the 31 physicians entering practices immediately after residency, 16 have begun their profession in medical facilities across Tennessee with three others practicing in Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina.  The remaining graduates are seeking further education by pursuing fellowship training or additional residency programs, and several plan to return to the Chattanooga area when they are ready to enter practice.

“Together, The University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga and Erlanger Health System provide the highest quality graduate medical education and training,” said Dr. Robert C. Fore, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga.  “We are pleased this partnership has prepared so many young physicians to meet the healthcare needs of Tennessee and the region.”

As an academic facility training future medical and surgical specialists, Erlanger Health System not only provides unique opportunities and distinct benefits to faculty and doctors but also to patients and the entire community.

Faculty of the College of Medicine, also practicing physicians at Erlanger, stay on top of the latest medical developments to treat patients and present that same knowledge to future specialists.  The academic environment encourages rising physicians to seek solutions for patients’ conditions through innovative medical research and advanced technology.

Studies show patients who are treated at an academic medical center, such as Erlanger, actually have better outcomes.  By encouraging active collaboration among residents, practicing physicians, and specialists, consultations on difficult medical problems can lead to earlier diagnoses and treatment methods. UTCOMC’s involvement in research programs provides patients with opportunities to participate in groundbreaking treatments that are not available at other hospitals.

The teaching atmosphere also attracts other specialists to our community, allowing Erlanger to offer services such as a children’s hospital and trauma care.

For more information on UTCOMC, please visit www.utcomchatt.org.