We have received many phone calls from the public about how the Supreme Court decision will affect Erlanger’s healthcare services. While the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act ruling yesterday, nothing has immediately changed with our process for filing to insurance, billing and providing charity care. Erlanger will continue to provide the same high quality care we have always provided to the community.

Though much work remains to be done on all fronts and many questions remain unanswered, Erlanger officials believe the court’s action is an important step toward meaningful health reform.

While Tennessee hospitals, such as Erlanger, are making strides in decreasing the cost of care through nationally recognized patient safety programs and aggressive efficiency measures, systemic change is imperative.

This year Erlanger provided close to $90 million in uncompensated care to the residents of this region. With basic health coverage for the population it serves, Erlanger and other Tennessee hospitals are in a better position to absorb the $4.3 billion in cuts that will be required to make reform a reality.

Residents can continue to count on Erlanger to continue to do its part to provide access to high-quality care for patients and the communities it serves.