Erlanger names new bi-plane imaging suite for local cardiologists

Chattanooga, Tenn. – The Baroness Erlanger Foundation and Erlanger Health System are proud to announce the dedication of the new “Walter Puckett, M.D. Bi-Plane Imaging Suite.”

Walter Puckett, M.D., a member of UT Erlanger Cardiology, has dedicated 47 years to the treatment of heart patients at Erlanger and served as Chief of Cardiology at Erlanger for more than 10 years. Dr. Puckett was recently honored for both his leadership efforts in Erlanger’s fundraising campaign on behalf of a new bi-plane cath lab, in addition to his longstanding impact on the health of the tri-state community.

Erlanger’s new bi-plane equipment is used to perform invasive cardiology and peripheral vascular procedures in babies, children and adults. Bi-plane imaging offers a higher level of interventional heart care to diagnose and treat complex congenital heart disease and heart defects.

The technology also serves a vital role for children because it allows multiple images to be taken with just a single dose of injected contrast, greatly reducing the level of risk to a child’s kidneys. Invasive procedures are performed by cardiologists specifically trained to treat newly-born infants to adults.

For older adults and children, the benefit also features two, independently-rotating cameras to capture moving, real-time pictures of the heart; this new imaging technology provides crystal clear images to help guide the cardiologist through intricate procedures.

A plaque in Erlanger’s new imaging suite reads, “Always the relentless patient advocate, Dr. Puckett inspired the community to advance cardiac care for the region’s most fragile hearts.”

Photo (from left to right): Erlanger President and CEO Jim Brexler, Linda Puckett, and Dr. Walter Puckett.