• The 411 on PCOS & women’s health
    September 14, 2021
    Gynecological Health, Stay Well, Women's Health
    Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, affects more than 10 million women worldwide, including one in 10 women in the United States. How much do you know about this common condition? PCOS is a hormonal disorder that occurs among women of reproductive age. While the exact cause of PCOS is unknown,...
  • bad cholesterol
    A user’s guide to cholesterol
    September 13, 2021
    Heart Health, Men's Health, Stay Well, Women's Health
    Maybe your doctor has told you that your cholesterol’s too high. Or you’ve seen commercials on TV for high cholesterol medications. But how much do you actually know about cholesterol? Well, first things first: Cholesterol isn’t a bad thing. Cholesterol, a type of fat, is a waxy substance produced by...
  • school-anxiety-blog
    Oh, those butterflies — how to ease school anxiety
    September 1, 2021
    Child & Family Health, Stay Well
    School’s been back in session for a little while now. Are your kids starting to get into the hang of the routine? Or do you have a little one who’s still feeling a little uneasy about the whole “school” thing? When it comes to school, some level of anxiety in...
  • The back-to-school guide for parents
    August 17, 2021
    Child & Family Health, Stay Well
    The time has come to head back to school. And with so many new concerns and variables that parents can't control, it's important to remember that there's so much that parents can do for the well-being of their children – starting with setting them up for learning and developmental success. Read...
  • time-change-insomnia
    The user’s guide to insomnia
    July 17, 2021
    Men's Health, Stay Well, Women's Health
    What — a user’s guide to insomnia? Yes. With some 30 to 40 percent of Americans experiencing insomnia at least occasionally, we thought a guide to the condition might be a good idea. In case you’re wondering, that’s about 131 million Americans who have difficulty sleeping. Those numbers are staggering,...
  • melanoma
    Getting the facts about melanoma
    July 7, 2021
    Cancer Issues, Cancer Issues, Men's Health, Stay Well, Women's Health
    For decades now, you’ve heard about the importance of protecting your skin from the sun. But have you ever really wondered why that’s so important? We’d like to point you toward a key reason why — melanoma. The American Cancer Society estimates that about 106,110 new melanomas will be diagnosed in...
  • fireworks
    Firework safety tips for the 4th of July
    June 30, 2021
    Stay Well
    Each year millions of fireworks are set off on the Fourth of July and surrounding days. But along with those fireworks comes added danger — the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that 15,600 people were treated in the ERs for related firework injuries in 2020 and the majority of...
  • car seats
    Buckle up: Your guide to car seats
    June 18, 2021
    Child & Family Health, Stay Well
    You know that a car seat is essential for keeping your child safe in the car. But not just any car seat will do. Read on for a look at what you should know about car seats. Car seats are often one of the first items parents add to their...
  • alzheimer's disease
    Beyond memory loss: Understanding Alzheimer’s disease
    June 14, 2021
    Brain Health & Stroke, Men's Health, Stay Well, Women's Health
    Berneet Kaur, MDErlanger Neuroscience Institute When you think of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss comes to mind. But while that’s often one of the symptoms, it’s not the only one. The other symptoms, though, are often less well-known. June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month — offering the perfect opportunity...
  • summer safety
    School’s out! Gearing up for summer safety
    June 10, 2021
    Child & Family Health, Stay Well
    It may seem like the 2020–2021 school year just began, but now it’s come to an end. And while your kids are focused on summer fun, you want to be sure they’re also paying attention to summer safety. After all, you want to spend your days in the summer...
  • Q&A: Kids and the COVID-19 vaccine
    May 25, 2021
    Child & Family Health, Immunization, Stay Well
    In most places in Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina, the COVID-19 vaccine is available for residents ages 12 and up. The CDC recommends that everyone 12 years and older should get the vaccination to help protect against COVID-19. Read on for answers to some common questions about children and...
  • A mystery: Understanding cryptogenic stroke
    May 24, 2021
    Brain Health & Stroke, Heart Health, Men's Health, Stay Well, Women's Health
    When a person experiences a stroke, the type of treatment he or she receives is largely dependent on what caused the stroke. So what happens when the cause is unknown? Treatment following a stroke has dual purposes — it’s intended to limit the damage caused by the stroke and help...