• Immunizations: not just a “kid thing”
    August 18, 2022
    Child & Family Health, Immunization, Stay Well
    When you think of immunizations, you may think of kids at the pediatrician’s office. But actually, adults need immunizations, too. So how do you know what immunizations (also known as vaccines) you need — and when? Each year, the CDC sets an immunization schedule for adults that is additionally reviewed and approved by...
  • Back-to-school immunizations guide
    August 5, 2022
    Child & Family Health, Immunization
    Back-to-School Immunization Guide Check all the boxes on this year’s back-to-school list by making sure your student has the immunizations they need! Immunizations are a safe and effective way to protect children and adolescents from disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) provide a recommended...
  • The facts on infant immunization
    April 25, 2022
    Child & Family Health, Immunization, Stay Well
    National Infant Immunization Week highlights the importance of protecting infants and young children from vaccine-preventable diseases. It’s important to stay up-to-date on your children’s well visits and routine vaccinations. Being a parent is hard. We get it – there’s a lot to figure out, like what diapers to use, when to...
  • Q&A: Kids and the COVID-19 vaccine
    May 25, 2021
    Child & Family Health, Immunization, Stay Well
    In most places in Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina, the COVID-19 vaccine is available for residents ages 12 and up. The CDC recommends that everyone 12 years and older should get the vaccination to help protect against COVID-19. Read on for answers to some common questions about children and the...
  • cold and flu in babies
    Keeping your baby safe in cold and flu season
    January 16, 2019
    Child & Family Health, Immunization
    Winter has begun, and with it, the cold and flu season has arrived! Flu is already running rampant in the Southeast. So how can you keep your smallest family member healthy? With germs all around, protecting your family from the cold and flu can seem like an impossible task. That’s especially...
  • acute flaccid myelitis tennessee
    What parents should know about acute flaccid myelitis
    January 9, 2019
    Child & Family Health, Immunization, Stay Well
    You may have seen it in the news lately — a condition called “acute flaccid myelitis” or AFM. But what exactly is it, and should you worry? We know it can be hard to make heads or tails of health-related news items. That’s why we’re examining the facts to help you...
  • teens meningitis
    The connection between meningitis & teens
    August 24, 2017
    Child & Family Health, Immunization, Stay Well
    If your teen is headed to college this fall, you may have noticed that the meningococcal vaccine was either recommended or required. But why is that? Let’s first define what exactly the meningococcal vaccine protects against. The vaccine is designed to prevent meningococcal disease, which is a serious illness caused by...
  • whooping cough
    Cocooning & your newborn: The whooping cough vaccine
    October 11, 2016
    Child & Family Health, Immunization, Stay Well
    You probably learned what a cocoon is way back in elementary school. It’s a silk covering used by insects to protect themselves as they grow and develop. But are you familiar with the term cocooning when it comes to babies? Cocooning for babies is much the same — it refers to...
  • immunizations
    A back-to-school handbook on immunizations
    August 8, 2016
    Child & Family Health, Immunization, Stay Well
    You’re probably starting to shop for backpacks, notepads and pencils. Maybe you’ve taken a trip to the mall to pick out clothes and shoes for the new school year. But is your child prepared with the immunizations required for his or her grade level? Kids often receive age-appropriate vaccinations during their...
  • Reduce your risk of getting the flu
    November 4, 2015
    Child & Family Health, Immunization, Stay Well
    We are all familiar with influenza — the awful, achy illness better known as the flu. And anyone can get it. For most, the major symptoms of fever, sore throat, chills, cough, headaches, and muscle aches last only a few days. But for some, flu symptoms are worse — sometimes...