Revolutionizing Endoscopy: Erlanger Gastroenterology Leads the Way with AI Image-Guided System

In the heart of Chattanooga, Tennessee, a groundbreaking development in gastroenterology is underway. The Erlanger Gastroenterology team is gearing up to celebrate the arrival of the newest addition to their GI Lab—a state-of-the-art fluoroscopy machine. But this is no ordinary machine. It signifies the inauguration of Tennessee’s first AI Image-Guided system for Interventional Endoscopy (IE). This milestone marks a significant advancement in endoscopy technology and solidifies Erlanger’s position as a pioneer in the field.

AI Image-Guided System

This cutting-edge system is designed and built specifically for procedures performed in Interventional Endoscopy. This advancement sets it apart from conventional fluoroscopy machines. Its incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology sets it apart even further. With an AI radiation reduction feature, this system has been trained on thousands of procedures to identify the region of interest (ROI) directly undergoing intervention during procedures like Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). By prioritizing radiation exposure to the ROI, the system drastically reduces unnecessary radiation exposure to the patient’s peripheral anatomy—the area not directly intervened upon.

The impact of this AI-driven radiation reduction technology cannot be overstated. Studies have shown a median reduction in patient radiation exposure by an impressive 61.8% and a median decrease in staff radiation exposure by 59.4%, all without compromising image quality. This represents a significant leap forward in patient safety and staff well-being, aligning with Erlanger’s commitment to providing high-quality care while prioritizing safety at every step.


But beyond the tangible benefits of radiation reduction, implementing this AI Image-Guided system signals a broader shift in the landscape of endoscopy. It represents a convergence of cutting-edge technology and medical expertise, empowering gastroenterologists to deliver more precise and efficient interventions. By leveraging AI to enhance procedural accuracy and minimize risks, Erlanger spearheads a new era of endoscopic practice that prioritizes patient outcomes and operational excellence.

First in Tennessee

Moreover, Erlanger’s investment in this advanced technology underscores its dedication to advancing the field of gastroenterology within its walls and across the state of Tennessee. As the first institution in the state to adopt this innovative system, Erlanger sets a precedent for excellence and innovation that reverberates throughout the region. By establishing itself as a hub for Interventional Endoscopy, Erlanger elevates the standard of care for its patients, attracts top talent, and fosters collaboration within the medical community.

In celebrating the inauguration of Tennessee’s first AI Image-Guided system for Interventional Endoscopy, the Erlanger Gastroenterology team commemorates a milestone achievement and looks ahead to a future of possibilities. With this cutting-edge technology at our disposal, we stand poised to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in gastroenterological care. As we embark on this next chapter, Erlanger reaffirms its commitment to innovation, excellence, and, above all, the well-being of its patients.

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Samuel Igbinedion MD

Samuel Igbinedion, MD