Teresa Bowleg: A Pillar of Leadership and Support at Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital

In the bustling corridors of Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital (EWCH), one figure stands out for her unwavering dedication, profound mentorship, and exemplary leadership: Teresa Bowleg, Administrator/Associate Chief Nursing Officer. Teresa’s influence on the nursing staff and her profound impact on hospital operations have not gone unnoticed. Her commitment to excellence in healthcare and the nurturing of her team paints a picture of a leader deeply committed to her profession and her people.

With over three decades of nursing experience, Teresa cares compassionately for patients daily.

Teresa is widely recognized within EWCH for her ability to uplift and support her nursing team. Clay Springer, a colleague of Teresa, regards her as the best nurse advocate he has ever worked with. “She has your back,” he says, highlighting Teresa’s dedication to creating a safe and reassuring environment for nurses. This environment allows for the kind of professional practice that not only meets but often exceeds the standards of patient care.

Monique Matheny, another team member, echoes this sentiment. She describes Teresa as an exceptional mentor who has encouraged her throughout her nursing career. “I am privileged to work with her,” Monique states, underscoring the personal and professional support she has received. This kind of mentorship is crucial in the demanding nursing field, where encouragement can significantly impact staff morale and patient outcomes.

Laura Hughes, who has spent two decades in nursing, credits Teresa with inspiring her to exceed her limits and instilling confidence when doubt crept in. Teresa’s leadership style—calm, confident, and encouraging, yet firm and assertive when necessary—is something Laura aspires to emulate. This kind of influence is indicative of a leader who not only leads by example but also builds leaders within her ranks.

Stephanie Worley and Medra Palmer highlight Teresa’s compassionate and calm demeanor, which is especially vital in a field as intense as healthcare. Medra describes Teresa’s ability to stay calm amid crisis as a “superhero ability,” a trait that reverberates throughout her team, promoting a stable and confident workforce.

Teresa’s skills extend beyond crisis management and emotional support; she is an active listener and advocate for patients and staff. Brenda Pontes-Couret notes that Teresa provides valuable advice and resources, fostering an environment where staff can exercise autonomy. This balance of guidance and independence is crucial for professional growth and effective healthcare delivery.

Amy Crisp and Kathie Cornwell talk about Teresa’s kind nature and proactive support for the younger generation’s growth within the organization. This nurturing of young talent ensures a sustainable and innovative future for nursing at EWCH.

Amanda Berry and Connie Ensley celebrate Teresa as a mentor who helps others see and achieve their potential. Teresa’s approach to leadership is not just about maintaining standards but also about pushing boundaries and encouraging personal and professional growth.

Finally, Carolyn Sabine encapsulates Teresa’s open-door policy, her readiness to help, and her ability to provide opportunities for others to shine. Teresa’s leadership style ensures that her team feels supported in their current roles and is prepared and inspired to take on new challenges.

Teresa Bowleg’s role at Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital goes beyond administrative duties. She is a cornerstone of her staff’s emotional, professional, and personal support. Under her leadership, EWCH doesn’t just function; it thrives, nurtures, and inspires, much like Teresa.