Cancer…are we treating the disease or just a symptom?

Erlanger hosts viewing and discussion of The C Word.

On Wednesday, June 28, Erlanger Health System will host a showing of the documentary The C Word at Christ United Methodist Church followed by a panel discussion with two physicians. The movie focuses on cancer and lifestyle choices that can affect healing and help with prevention.

Director and producer Meghan O’Hara is no stranger to ground breaking documentaries. Her previous works include Sicko, Bowling for Columbine any Fahrenheit 9/11. When she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, she began to search for answers as to why this was happening to her and if there was anything she could do to aid in the fight for her life. When she heard a statistic about the preventability of cancer related deaths she was shocked and wanted to find a way to educate the public. Her theory is “the way we live influences the way we die.”

After the movie, Dr. Norleena Gullet, Radiation Oncologist at Erlanger’s Cancer Institute, and Dr. Allison Bailey, Cardiologist at Erlanger’s Heart and Lung Institute, will answer questions. The event is free and open to the public. For more information about Erlanger’s Cancer Institute or Heart and Lung Institute please visit